Ambitious plans

The businesses that form the Logistics Platform Oss pursue the shared commitment to achieve the ambitions, which are:

  1. presenting Oss as a logistics hub
  2. the implementation and expansion of trimodality
  3. the enhancement of local and regional cooperation 

To apply these ambitions in practical terms, a number of subprojects have been named that the participants of the Logistics Platform Oss wish to achieve. The initial ideas for these projects are:

  1. Optimisation of the city distribution by combining small consignments and the development of a service distribution point
  2. Efficient use of space by sharing warehouse space and joint parking facilities
  3. The expansion of trimodality by upgrading the railway zone and developing a supply chain project
  4. Research into new markets and business location policy for the Oss logistics hub

In addition to the implementation of the subprojects, there will be a specific focus on project management, sharing knowledge within the Logistics Platform Oss and communication with external parties. The objective of this is to scale up the results of the subprojects to regional level.

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